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We will always strive to offer our members the very best deals possible. As a member of BSS Padel you will gain access to the following benefits for free:

ViPadel Aarhus

BSS Padel has partnered up with ViPadel Aarhus to bring our members the greatest padel experience. When signing up as a member of BSS Padel, you will receive an introductory email to get you started at ViPadel Aarhus. The following discounts are available for all our members.

Monday – Friday

  • DKK 95 an hour between 06-15 (-37%)
  • DKK 240 an hour between 22-24 (-17%)

In addition to the discounts above, ViPadel Aarhus will offer seasonal discounts. Follow us on IG @bsspadel to be notified.


Elevate your padel experience with exclusive discounts on premium equipment through our dedicated members link. Padel Shoppen offers all the essentials to enhance your game, including affordable rackets, clothing, socks, and occasionally even sunglasses. Upon purchasing clothing, it will include a print featuring our distinctive logo.


BSS Padel will continuously host tournaments for all of our members in collaboration with our partners.